Does Night Light Colour Matter?

The answer is - YES!

What colour you choose to have your night light can make a huge difference to yours and your baby's quality of sleep. 

It's all down to a nifty hormone called melatonin which is responsible for our body's natural sleep - wake cycles. Studies have shown that particular wavelengths of light can suppress melatonin production, making it harder for us to fall asleep.

We all know that staring at our phone screens is a no no when it comes to our optimal bedtime routine, and that's because of the blue light being emitted from our mobile devices. This works in the same way with baby night lights. Cooler colours such as blue, green, yellow or even white have been shown to have a negative effect on melatonin levels, thus giving baby a rougher nights sleep. This will make it harder for both of you to fall asleep after each time you are awoken during the night. 

So what colour should my night light be?

Red - Red light has been found to show little to no effect on melatonin suppression, making it the best colour for baby night lights. Some studies have even shown that red light at night led to fewer signs of depression in the brain than blue light....this study was performed on hamsters though so we're yet to know if similar effects would happen in humans! 

For now it's safe to say, stay away from those cool colours, and stick to a warm red glow for a better nights sleep.


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