8 Practical and Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’re like me, you’re getting to that age where baby showers are becoming more and more frequent and finding a unique and desirable gift is getting harder and harder. Or maybe this is your first baby shower and you’re just completely overwhelmed by the choices out there. Well don’t worry guys and girls, I’ve got you sorted with this list of perfect gifts ideas that are guaranteed to please. No matter your budget or style, whether you’re after practical or cute (or both!), we’ve got you covered. Let’s get stuck in….



  • What is it – Baby Swaddles
  • How much - $30
  • Where can I buy one –
  • Why are they a great gift – I often get people ask me ‘what’s something the mum can use right away?’ and my answer is always swaddles. Swaddles are used from day 1 to wrap up young babies nice and cosy to help them sleep and stay calm and comfortable. Our swaddles are made from breathable bamboo fibre, so are super soft to the touch, perfect for sensitive skin. In addition swaddles are very versatile and can also be used as a modesty cover, stroller cover or light blanket for warmer nights. Not only are they super practical (one can never have too many swaddles) but they’re also super cute and available in a range of adorable patterns and styles.



  • What is it – Milestone Cards
  • How much? - $36.99
  • Where can I buy some? -
  • Why are they a great gift – If you’ve got an Instagram loving, social media boss mama to gift for then milestone cards are an absolute must! These cute little cards are a way to introduce new bubbas to the world and document their progress all while looking absolutely frickn’ adorable…I mean just look at this photo! Not a practical gift, but certainly desirable for the right mum. My absolute favourites are made by Snuggle Hunny Kids who are based in Australia but can be found at a variety of New Zealand stockists including at Mel’s Baby Boutique who I linked above.



  • What is it – Night Lights
  • How much? - $30-$50
  • Where can I buy some? -
  • Why are they a great gift? – Another practical gift for mums and dads, night lights can be used from birth to toddlers and beyond. They’re perfect for night time feeding sessions and some can have their brightness adjusted so as not to be harsh on the eyes. The ones above can also cycle through a variety of colours and any solid colour can be chosen to set the right tone for the room. Research has shown that red and amber lights are ideal for nurseries as they do not negatively affect the babies or parents sleep patterns. However blue, green and white light are the most disruptive, so make sure you chose a light that at least has the option of red or amber.



  • What is it – Silicone Teething Necklaces
  • How much? - $10-$20
  • Where can I buy some – Any good baby boutique
  • Why are they a great gift? – Silicone teething necklaces are a relatively new concept that have taken off for their stylish solution to an age old problem. Babies love to grab things and put them in their mouth….it’s what babies do. Clothes, jewellery, hair….the list goes on. Teething necklaces are a safe alternative for mum to wear and baby to play with which keeps both parties happy. Not only are the necklaces stylish and comfortable (you don’t even need a teething baby to wear one!) but they are made from BPA free silicone which is soft, durable and chewable. You’ll find these at most small baby boutiques.


  • What is it – Teethers
  • How much? - $15-$20
  • Where can I buy some -
  • Why are they a great gift? – If jewellery isn’t your mum to be’s cup of tea, teethers are a perfect alternative. Generally made from silicone and/or beech wood, they provide teething babies with a safe, chewable toy that feels great and helps to massage those painful gums. Better yet, teethers come in all shapes and sizes to suit any parents taste and are a budget friendly option. Click the link above to find some cutesy animal themed teethers, made here in New Zealand by yours truly.



  • What is it – Nursery Décor
  • How much? - $15 – however much you’d like to spend
  • Where can I buy some -
  • Why are they a great gift? – Nothing lifts up a room like a beautiful piece of art and baby nurseries are no exception. You really can’t go wrong with adorable baby animals in my opinion! I have linked my absolute favourite NZ nursery décor online store.



  • What is it – Play gym and/or play gym toys
  • How much? - $22.50-$110.90
  • Where can I buy some -
  • Why are they a great gift? – A baby gym is a fun and exciting way to stimulate a babies’ visual development and also improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The toys are great as a gift because most gyms allow you to swap in and out different colours and styles, keeping baby entertained. You could opt for a single toy which can also double up as a pram toy or splash out on a whole gym and toy set depending on your budget. I’ve linked these particular gyms because they are collapsible which makes it so much easier to store (trust me this is important!).


  • What is it – Silicone Dinnerware
  • How much? - $8 - $45
  • Where can I buy some -
  • Why is it a great gift? – Although not usable immediately, silicone suction plates and bowls are an absolute must and should be a staple in every parents kitchen. Dishwasher safe (yes please!) and super practical, the suction base keeps the bowl or plate where it’s supposed to be and makes feeding time a whole lot easier. They’re available in a stylish range of neutral tones to suit any kitchen and can come with matching cutlery and silicone scoop bibs. This would be my top pick for a gift, they are also my best sellers.


Well there you have it, my top picks for guaranteed gifting success at any baby shower! Just because you’ve made it this far, I will of course reward you with 10% off your order, just enter the code BABYSHOWER at checkout for your discount at our store. If you have any more recommendations, please leave a comment for all the readers (and me) to see.


Signing out for now xoxo



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