Boxing Day Sales Guide

Boxing Day Sales Guide

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Boxing Day is by far the biggest shopping event of the year and 2021 is no different! Shopping the sales can be frantic at the best of times but you definitely don't want to miss out on those incredible savings so I've written this Boxing Day Sales Guide to help! Check out my personal favourite tips and tricks for surviving the silly season rush!

Shop Online

Beat the crowds, save yourself time and energy by simply shopping the Boxing Day Sales online this year. Think about it... would you rather haul the entire family out in the car, sit for hours in traffic and then risk not getting the items you wanted? Or perhaps little miss 2 decides to throw a tantrum mid check out? No thank you! I know where I'll be Boxing Day morning and that's cosy on my couch, cup of tea in hand and a laptop ready to go. 

Shop Local 

Support local Boxing Day

Continue that warm fuzzy feeling of gift giving this year by supporting your favourite local business. For some small businesses, the Boxing Day Sales are the highlight of their year and with this year being another difficult one, what better way to show a little love and appreciation for some brands you love! Small businesses can also hold the best online sales so be sure to check then out before rushing to the bigger chains. 

Check out the sales in advance

Don't get caught out and minimise buyers remorse by finding out what deals are coming in advance! Some businesses will list their Boxing Day Deals a few days before Christmas so you can have a browse and make a wish list. Now here's your reward for reading...I've had a chat with some local businesses and I've listed the ones that are having some Boxing Day Sales and/or deals! Not all of them are showing their deals on their webpage so make sure you sign up to their email list for your exclusive access! Here are some of my picks from my favourite local baby businesses (including mine!):-

Little Red Panda - SAVE Up to 40% STOREWIDE! 

Kekoa - Free Shipping plus Christmas nappies on sale!

Mel's Baby Boutique - Use code UNBOXED for 25% off selected items!

Code Kiddie - Use code PLAY15 for 15% off!

Love by Chelsea - Sign Up to Newsletter for Exclusive updates!

Lil' Lads Boutique - Keep an eye out for the sale on Boxing Day!

The Art of Michelle Clarke - Free Shipping on orders over $150!

Sign up to newsletters and check your emails!

This is an important one so take note! A lot of businesses offer special incentives and discounts to those who subscribe to their email lists. If you are on these lists, be sure to check your emails in the run up to Boxing Day because they might be sending out their best deals via email and not announcing them on social media. Plus with all of the excitement on socials, chances are you won't see everyone's deals and you may end up missing out on something you really wanted! If you think you've subscribed to a businesses list but haven't seen an email from them lately, make sure you check your junk and spam folders. Inboxes have a habit of deciding for you what's important and what's not so make sure you see everything that comes in. 

Plan ahead for the months to come

Traditionally, January and February are the quietest months for online shopping and so businesses tend not to hold sales during this time. Boxing Day Sales and New Years Sales are likely to be the last (and best) for some time so if you know you'll need something in a few months, don't hesitate and grab that bargain now! Why pay full price for something you could've had cheaper a few months ago? This especially applies to new or expectant mums, think baby tableware or developmental toys...all things you know you'll need sooner or later!

So there you have it! Jump on those email lists and start planning your Boxing Day Shopping like a pro!

We at Little Red Panda hope you have an amazing holiday season and best wishes for 2022!

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