Baby Cutlery - Introducing Baby to Self Feeding!

Baby Cutlery - Introducing Baby to Self Feeding!

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Tips and tricks for introducing baby cutlery

No matter your parenting style, be that purees or baby led weaning, there will soon be a time when you'll need to introduce your little one to baby cutlery. Babies start solids around the 6 month mark, but there's no harm in introducing cutlery before then so the change doesn't come as such a huge surprise! Here are some ideas on how to make that introduction a smooth one.

1. Choose your baby cutlery carefully

Baby cutlery comes in all shapes and sizes and what works best for bubba will depend on their abilities and confidence. If your baby hasn't yet had any experience with cutlery of any kind, then they may benefit more from starting off with smaller utensils. Our silicone cutlery are perfect for those just starting out as they have short, ridged handles for easy gripping, a cloud barrier to prevent choking and for positioning food correctly (left image). If your baby is confident with a longer handle then the cutlery above on the right is perfect. Light weight and with a soft tipped spoon or fork, they can afford to make a few mistakes here and there. These couple well with our silicone bowls which have an easy scoop wall for those who are still learning. 

2. Don't worry about the mess!

Making a mess is all part of learning! Getting frustrated or constantly wiping up after your baby might discourage them from wanting to continue. It could also be a distraction and ultimately delay them getting comfortable with baby cutlery. The best way to keep bubba clean is with our silicone bibs. They sit comfortably around your little ones neck, catch all those drops of food in the handy scoop and are so so easy to clean. 

3. Lead by example.

Babies love imitating their parents! Cut their food up for them first (if you've gotten as far as knives), allow them to set the table with you or wash the cutlery in some fun bubbly water. Make cutlery a part of their every day lives and they'll be reaching for them as soon as they hit the table.

4. Cutlery aren't just for meal times!

How about introducing baby cutlery to play times as well? Host a tea party and set the table with all of their cutlery. Try scooping coloured rice or just moving fake food around for fun!

5. Practice Makes Perfect!

Don't worry if your baby doesn't take to using cutlery straight away, all babies learn at different rates and it's important not to compare them to others. Be patient, have fun and just practice until they are comfortable. Baby cutlery can take years to master which is completely normal!

We hope you found our tips helpful, feel free to message us with any tips you have to add or any questions about our silicone baby cutlery. 

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